Hi Everyone. My apologies with the delay in updating this blog. Pneumonia and Bronchitis hit me two weeks ago. At this moment, I think I'm finally seeing the light at the tunnel!

As for swimming, we've had a GREAT start to the season. We are already 3 dual meets into the season! We've had some very impressive times including a HAAC RECORD in the 9/10 50 Backstroke. Connor Progar had a time of 35.89, Congrats Connor!

The Varsity team season has started, you will notice a lot more room in the pool during the 5:00 practice time. This will really allow for the coaches to watch swim technique and make necessary adjustments.

Please make sure your swimmer(s) remember their equipment bags! I know with the holidays things can get very busy but we really like to use everything, especially the fins! On that note, please have your swimmer put a pair of older socks in their bag in case the fins are rubbing their feet. We already have a LOT of kids doing this and they will agree it makes a difference.

Don't forget to sign up for the next meet, registration is now open. If you have any special requests, please email us at the coaches address.  

Please continue to keep the Duncan family in your thoughts and prayers. In fact, let's keep all of the HAAC families, who may be having a difficult time during the holidays, in our prayers.

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy all of the amazing food and time with others.

-Coach D